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Cancer Centers Support Grants

Published on AidPage by IDILOGIC on Jun 24, 2005

Program accomplishments...

Fiscal year 2003 Centers funded 122 total Centers - 61 CORE, 47 SPORE and 14 Specialized Centers. Fiscal year 2004 Centers est 134 total Centers, 61 CORE and 50 SPORE. Fiscal year 2005 Centers est 114 total Centers - 61 CORE, 59 SPORE and 14 Specialized Centers. Fiscal year 2005 funded 140 total Centers, 61 CORE, 65 SPORE and 14 Specialized Centers. Cancer Centers are supported through the P30 grant mechanism as Cancer Center Support Grants (CCSGs), which fall into three categories as follows: cancer centers, clinical cancer centers and comprehensive cancer centers. The P20 Cancer Center Planning Grants has been discontinued. Policies and guidelines governing the main instrument of support, the Cancer Center Support Grant, have recently been revised. In fiscal year 2003, 61 cancer centers are estimated to receive these grants, and in 2004, 62 centers are anticipated to be funded. These all represent the most research intensive institutions in the country. In addition to the P30 Cancer Center Support Grants, the program supports the planning efforts of eight academic and research institutions with P20 planning grants awarded prior to the discontinuation. Eight are anticipated to be supported with these planning grants in fiscal year 2003 and seven in fiscal year 2004. However, considerable progress is being made in working with smaller, less research intensive institutions in areas of the country that have not NCI designated cancer centers. There are at least 15 institutions that have the potential to be excellent small cancer centers located in states without centers at this time. The NCI will work with these institutions very closely in the future.